Cartel Allignment-



'T.' Dezman

Age 30


'T.' Dezman -full first name unknown- .

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'Dezman' Pleasure Palace.


Dezman, like many goblins, grew up in the northern part of Kezan known as the Bilgewater Port. His parents were a large part of the Bilgewater Cartel, although he did not grow up becoming a member of the Cartel. He currently has no problems with any cartel. Growing up he was always very good at investing, gambling, plots, scamming, and most of all engineering. He made a good profit growing up although his parents refused to give him money even though they made a fair profit being owners of small buisnesses within the cartel. He made all of his money in the bustling streets of Bilgewater Port, and he used to visit Grudge Town and make a profit loaning low lives money and forcing them to pay back double. When Dezman turned 11 years old, he got his first engineering set from his father. It was one of the best gifts he could receive, because once he started using it he grew to love engineering. He would make small "bone choppers" which were basically a knife with a small engine in it so the knife would bob up and down causing more of a wound. He would use them as protection and sell them for 5 macaroons a pop. During the times of war, his parents fled Kezan without any warning to him. Dezman was stuck in Bilgewater Port to fend for himself throughout the war that came. Dezman decided to leave Kezan when Trade Prince Gallywix's rule came about. He left to the land of the Kalimdor to a place called "Gadgetzan" where he lived in a small hut with all of his remaining macaroons and worked as an engineer.