"I might be a filthy corpse, but I'm one better axe swinger than you."


Anesalia, also Ana, or 'Deathy', is a great Death Knight and servant of the Scourge. She often dresses as most Death Knights would, in dark-blue plate armor. She uses Frost and a bit of Unholy magic to make her enemies suffer, being unable to breathe or drown in pain. Anesalia, as an intelligent elven undead, isn't very friendly to others, often being rude or otherwise unresponsive. But she is not also the one into murdering, just when she steps into Light, outside she barely looks up. Being sensitive to Light, the dead creature's fear. When the will of the Lich King had subsided momentarily, Anesalia decided to supress her killing urges and go on her own ways to essentially "live" the afterlife.She sometimes appears in human land. She does not seem to care a lot whether or not she will get kicked out of town. Anesalia does not have a family, they were all slaughtered by Arthas and his minions back when she was still a relatively young blood elf, living with a mother and her brother, while her father was off to war. She bears a scar on her lip that serves as a constant reminder, though to what only she knows.


Anesalia having 'fun' with her victim.