Bizzle Boombox was a cunning business executive of a goblin oil company. Once a self-centered, egotistical goblin fighter in his youth, Bizzle had eventually matured to tackle many important financial decisions regarding the company's future.  A rather imposing goblin due to his size being above average for his kind, Bizzle often intimidated those of fainter heart, especially when he became angry.  His relations within the Company had remained strong up until his death, and with the dismissal of longtime rival Gelzig Sparkdealer from the company, Bizzle had a very flexible position that was not put into question nearly as often as it once was beforehand.

Younger DaysEdit

Born at the end of Trade War II, Bizzle was born to a lower middle-class family that struggled to remain out of the poverty line.  His mother had been impregnated five times by Bizzle's abusive father, and only three of the children survived past infancy, including Bizzle himself being the eldest.  Few, if any photos were taken of the family in their earlier years due to the inability to afford a camera.  As he grew up to become a feisty child, Bizzle was often tasked with treading through the slums and gathering groceries for the family.  Bizzle's father had abandoned the family when Bizzle was only five years old, so he and his siblings, one brother and one sister, had to endure ruthless trials of adulthood that had ripped apart their innocence far before they were physically grown.  When he wasn't caring for the family, Bizzle often enjoyed the sport of "bare-knuckle brawling" with other hoodlums in the general area, which were often bet on with the small amount of macaroons each goblin brought.  In fact, Bizzle endured several beatdowns which earned him a few terrible scars on his face and, at one point, a knocked out canine.


In the end, it was Bizzle himself to blame for his own demise.  After living a life filled with stress and anger, Bizzle's cardiovascular health began to decline.  Surrounded by a few trustworthy friends from his youth, Bizzle passed away from a severe myocardial infarction. The location of his remains are unknown to the general public.