Calston Estate Edit

An estate erected through hardwork and the morals and ethics of a couth undead individual, it has flourished to become an additional and somewhat 'Misc' adventurer biased workery. To quote the 'Lord' of the estate, Sedrick Calston, it is said that the small yet hectic piece of property is, "A small estate with a few pesky Hanger-ons."

This vaguely critical statement has offended few to many individuals that had come in the recent past, but an overlook of the property and the conclusion of

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The Calston Estate during the evening.

the small deeds that have been accomplished has been the main reason of the fruitful and 'Livelier' activity occuring within the vicinity of Brill.

The gothic architecture, the slight stench of stinkweed, and the newly cobbled pathways are all present, excluding the common low-hanging fog that signifies the recent work of alchemism. Several affiliations have gained interest in the small estate, seeing something deeper than just smelly plants and good-willed passerbys.

Recent EventsEdit

The Forsaken SpearheadEdit

The mentioned affiliations seeing something deeper than just a gothic-themed estate is well stated; A small taskforce anointed by High Executioner Darthalia as a militarized coalition force named 'The Forsaken Spearhead' has taken a gander within Sedrick's property with respected rights of privacy, though official announcements are yet to be made.

The 'Dog-Nappers'.Edit

Odd happenings have been reported that gnolls wrapped in a few rolls of loincloth were seen retrieving deserted or undiscovered corpses. Sedrick Calston has become concerned that they may be robbing from the nearby graves of Brill; He's requested that an investigation be held, official or not! Additional information has been posted on the 'Wanted!' board at the Calston estate.

'A brief hint of red.'Edit

Diminishing numbers of the Scarlet Crusade are evident, though any Forsaken militant officials or recruits are suggested to snuff out any remaining sign of the Crusade, and such has been done, but a discovery has been made! A significantly sized gathering of dozens of Scarlet Crusaders has been seen near the bastion of Brill and even nearer towards the 'Bulwark'! Executioner Zornes has engaged in gathering a small force that would be able disengage the remnants of the Scarlet occult; Further notification will be alerted to nearby inhabitants in the Tirisifal Glades in the coming week.

OOC informationEdit

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