Carek Stonehoof
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Character Class



58 (Young Adult)






Saelesz Stonehoof (deceased, presumed), Auahu Stonehoof (alive), Ruul Stonehoof (alive), Seiknur Stonehoof (missing)




Hunter in Wilderness and Mulgore

Carek Stonehoof is a tauren hunter who admires and hones his tracking and survival skills.  With the recent Cataclysm, he returned to Mulgore to assure his family was safe.


WoWScrnShot 061113 211851

Carek Stonehoof as seen in Mulgore.

Carek is like every other average Tauren, muscular and large. His black fur is quite rough and scruffy unlike most Taurens, most presume he doesn't groom his mane unlike other Taurens. His horns are averagely long and have a mixture of white and black tints. His brown, earthy coloured eyes are small, squinty and hooded-like. His skin isn't as noticeable due to most of his fur and by the fact of how young he is. He wears leather which normally consists from the animals of kodo, cougars and even some bears. His spear is made out of steel, bought from one of the blacksmiths of Orgrimmar, with the hilt wrapped around with spare kodo leather.


He has a carefree and independent nature at most times. He's only sociable to averagely or well known accomplices or friends. He respects his traditions and sticks with them before any other racial tradition.  Due to his young adulthood, he may not see the consequences of conflicting with an enemy, not a really understandable person. He admires any Horde hero, even to those who aren't as well known, looks up to them as a rolemodel despite the sacrifices they made unless it got the job done. One of his rare traits however, is his patience, he waits until he sees himself fit into a place. 



I'm accepting criticism, as I am currently studying how tauren work and their culture, lol. 

Tauren are one of my favourite Horde races and I haven't given much role-playing love, so I made this guy!