The City of Bruurk was a place of solitude and training for Horde races, mostly orcs, in order to prepare themselves to join the front lines of battle and fight for their Warchief. Its location is unknown to the general population, but legends foretell of it standing within an almost mythical Azshara crater. While many orcs regard those sent here as the runt of the litter, much the opposite is the opinion that Thrall himself held. His belief was that these orcs merely held great potential that the usual streamlined methods used in Horde standards were incapable of molding. Many an orc came here prior to carving their own place in history until Garrosh Hellscream saw fit to close the base down in order to keep his people within a closer view. The city was abandoned and its current status is unknown, though it is presumed that it may have collapsed when the goblins arrived and reshaped Azshara.