The knight's beheading.

In the early hours of the morning, the knights of Alonsus slept in their tents. Light's Landing was a place under constant threat of danger from without, but the knights had not predicted from within: Enoch Wolfschild and his mercenaries crept into the Brotherhood's main tent and dragged each of the knights out while still in their night gowns.

When the priests, men-at-arms and footmen awoke, they called to their friends to witness what was occurring on the scaffolding before the tent. One by one the knights of Alonsus were marched up before the crowd and told to kneel. With consent from Stormwind to act quickly to quell a supposed 'treasonous coup' by the Brotherhood, Enoch had each man and woman of the Brotherhood in his grasp murdered. It is said that the ghosts of Tirisfal found fresh company that day, and that the amount of blood was enough to fill a lake.

This day is generally considered to be the end of the Brotherhood of Alonsus, with over 23 knights, 30 retainers and a further 14 paladins were sentenced to death by beheading – thus giving rise to the name of the tragic event.