Jack Nixon
Jack Nixon





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Westfall Wrangler Gang

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Jack "The Blade" Nixon was a known, hated figure in Westfall for being particularly cruel to his fellow classmates in school. In his short lifetime, Jack had acquired hundreds of daggers and swords in his home that he brandished each day.

Knowing Jack was a master at the blade, his younger brother recruited him to be apart of the Westfall Wrangler Gang. Johnny, believing that his brother would turn over a new leaf, tried to keep him in check, but to little avail. Jack was notable for being mentally unstable, and his cold-blooded feelings for others had given him a very notorious reputation among the local townsfolk.

In truth, Jack cared little for the silly gang that his younger brother, Johnny, had established, though it remained as the only way that he could travel around the area without being constantly harassed by frightened mothers. If given the opportunity, Jack would've most likely sold out his entire family to slavery for a decent amount of riches. While he had little education or people skills, Jack did possess an inhuman ability to cut up his foes with any sharp weapon that he had at hand. His invaluable prowess boded well for the Westfall Wrangler Gang's missions when necessary.

In the end, Jack met his end when the Sentinel Hill milita managed to quell the Wrangler Gang's short rebellion at the front gates. While being persecuted for his crimes, Jack lashed out against the militia-men, and they were forced to slay him for, "public safety concerns". Jack was quickly buried outside of the Sentinel Hill walls and given a short hymn by the local priest.


Jack and his title of "The Blade" is a reference to the Jack of Blades, a main antagonist of the Fable game series.

Throughout his many dirty deeds, he had come across terrible nicknames, such as "the blade" and "Jackknife".