Jacob Ripfang Price

Jacob Price

The young farmer's boy grew up on the Price Farmstead now known as the Rotting Orchard in Duskwood. Growing up to be a ratehr large human of his kind.

By the time of the Worgen's arrival in duskwood the Price farmstead was the first to fall for the feral beasts. Slaughtering Jacob's parents and little sister. This episode left the boy traumatized and eager for vengeance.

He gathered a small party of angry farmers having gathered their pitchforks and torches as they went into the nearby mine looking for justice. They were greatly outnumbered and quickly they all fell to the Worgen. Jacob at that moment would get bitten and transformed into the beast he hated so much.

After half a year this feral Worgen went out alone against a wandering Night Elf Druid. Where Jacob now known as "Ripfang" would meet his superior. The Elven druid captured him and performed a ritual to make him sane yet again. From this moment Jacob would become the apprentice of this elf named "Thaldron Sabermoon" being an elder druid himself. The Druid took Jacob under his wing teaching him the arts of druidism and how to enhance his mind to fix situations and to adjust to new areas.

After many months of practice Ripfang returned to his old pack only to slaughter their leader and take his place. Now leading the Nightbane Pack into a greater tommorow for them. Yet his plans would be lethal to the Duskwood's citizens and travelers.