Jarvis Jenkins
Jarvis Jenkins





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The Forsaken




Jarvis Jenkins is an ancient, adept dark magi formerly working for a small Goblin Cartel until it's quiet demise. Jarvis is an individual who relishes in the anguish of living beings. His fierce servitude of the Cartel led him to become a feared opponent when in combat. Formerly a servant of Sylvanas Windrunner, Jarvis fled to Kalimdor after a horrible experiment of his went awry and mutated several high-ranking officials who had to be put down. While not as insane as Putress ever was, Jarvis was a sure supporter of the deceased necromancer, seeing the living as nothing more than useful experiments for knowledge. Eventually he found a merciless goblin assassin named Razilius Sparkdealer and struck up a sweet deal that involved him being able to strike fear into the hearts of worthy foes yet unseen. While Razilius, leader of their Cartel, did not allow him to perform such experiments within their base because he did not wish to be found as a mindless murderer, he did overlook such deeds if Jarvis killed a foe in some battle elsewhere. Nowadays, unemployed by the Sparkdealer's implosion, Jarvis holds a small piece of influence in disguise within Mudsprocket until his name fades away from poster boards seeking to see his head on a pike. Jarvis, ever cruel, kidnaps adventurers who walk out of the small town a small distance away and experiments on them. Soon, if given the chance, he may create a being so evil and disfigured that he himself wouldn't be able to handle it.