Kitrix with Razilius

Kitrix (right) with Razilius Sparkdealer.

Kitrix was known as "the Toolbox" for his outstanding attention to detail during construction of buildings. After abandoning the Sparkcog Cartel for reasons he refuses to discuss, he had become an asset to the more measly Sparkdealer Cartel in setting up a base on Fray Island. While the "cartel" he was apart of was barely worthy of the title, Kitrix continued to serve his leader with pride, loyalty, devotion, and plenty of elbow grease. Shortly after the Sparkdealer Cartel faction had come to an end, Kitrix sought to join another cartel in hopes of using his magnificent construction skills in order to acquire a decent living for himself. With the assumed death of his good friend, Razilius, Kitrix had learned to befriend more kind individuals and respect their opinions more, traits Razilius had severely lacked.

Kitrix was killed some years later in a scuffle after finding and attempting to kill Razilius.