Kreznov Moriarty
Kreznov PhotoShoot
Kreznov Moriarty





Character Class



The Forsaken

Former affiliation(s)

The Thunderfist Warband


Assassin; Spy



Kreznov Moriarty, oftentimes just referred to by his first name, is an assassin formerly employed by the Thunderfist Warband.  His demeanor is quite sarcastic, and he has been known to pull arbitrary pranks upon even the highest ranking members of the warband when he feels the need for entertainment.  He has been very useful in situations requiring the element of surprise due to the fact that he can crawl quietly, appear legitimately dead when needed, and unsheath his daggers and stab an enemy with utmost quickness.

Although originally despised by most of the Warband's grunts and leaders due to his personality, shady demeanor, and especially his race, Kreznov turned out to be a vital member of the warband. He provided necessary insight and proved time and time again his loyalty where orcs, trolls and tauren had failed. Likewise, he also managed to gain the respect (and eventual friendship) of shaman Aknug Stormrider, whom he had started at odds with, and who later (much to the undead's annoyance) promoted him to sergeant and his right hand man sometime after taking over Thunderfist.

His currents whereabouts are unknown, having been begrudgingly drafted away by his racial faction's in a rather shady mission sometime before the Warband's disbanding.