Nefti Spinpistol is a shy, secretive woman who strives for the betterment of her people. She has a strong virtue among her when she decides to be socially active, and fights to show the world that women can be excellent forces in battle, as well. After her parents were tragically killed in the explosion of Gnomeregan, Nefti headed off into unknown lands far from the snowy blanket area of Dun Morogh. After Johnny Nixon caught a glimpse of her fighting prowess, he invited her to become the first female of his group. After some thought, Nefti agreed to join them in their conquests and endures the toughest of scuffles in order to secure herself a good living.


Though not a ranger or hunter by any means, Nefti has taken a liking to using ranged weapons in order to bait her enemies. Hence the name nickname, "Spinpistol".