Reggie Wright in deep thought.

Reggie Wright
is a cleansing healer for the Westfall Wrangler Gang. Once made fun of for his lack of physical strength, Reggie has become an honored figure of his gang, keeping their spirits and bodies at peak strength. He accounts for the amount of murders made by the group, because the guilt of such unnecessary losses holds dear against his shoulders. However, he highly respects his best friend since childhood, Johnny Nixon, and for the most part goes out of his way to please the gang that gives him high praises.


Besides the alliteration, Reggie Wright's name was inspired by the real life former Death Row Records executive whom has the same name.

Reggie Wright secretely considers himself "The Accounter" of the gang due to the fact that he remembers each killing made by them and holds the guilt heavily within his soul, fearing that the consequences will come back to haunt the WWG.