O' Alfred, the knight of the Highlands green,

This song is for thee: so in the Arathi's high,

Mossy glens, and mountain streams clean,

May your eulogy sound; celebration is nigh!

T'was upon the end of mankind's golden time,

When the last great Empire turned to dust,

Thoradin was gone; no more of his bloodline.

Arathor was only a legacy; Strom left to rust.

Though all was not lost, for in Strom remained,

The faithful guardians; the good lords and men,

Who would forge a kingdom, and see regained,

The honour of Strom returned, but only when,

One hero, of great strength and will, would return,

With the fabled and great crown of Thoradin.

So off these heroes went, to search and learn,

The crown's secret cave; what trove it was in.

No strong warrior, no wise mage could find,

The crown that eluded the grasp of Strom.

Though one day, Ælfred of the southern kind,

Traveled far over the Eastern Lands from,

The great and wealthy kingdom of Stormwind.

He dressed well and spoke better; a knight

a man of handsome features and fair skin.

A man whose faith was stoic; true as the Light.

He pledged his allegiance to the great lords,

swearing that he would not rest until the crown

was found, with all of pleasant Arathi explored.

The lords scoffed; this knight was not renown!

Greater and more famous warriors had traveled

To the grand halls of Stromgarde and sworn

An oath, only to return with nothing unraveled.

Yet one lord did not; a legendary bond born.

Great lord Trollbane was the noble who saw,

A great potential in the knight, and so he gifted,

The knight horses and men, to Ælfred's awe.

The good knight swore the debt would be lifted,

As he set off on his quest to seek out the artifact.

Long did he search with his loyal men, over hills,

and valleys; though the merry band stayed intact.

They had even searched through farms and mills!

The search was not always smooth, however;

Many bandits did they fight, gnolls and trolls too.

Their path of blood seemed to go on forever.

The knight was determined; his good will true,

He would not give up his quest for any evil foe,

still working on it m'kay