Sparkdealer Island, also known as Fray Island, was the main base of operations for the Sparkdealer Cartel until it figuratively imploded. This island is just off of the coast of the Barrens, meaning there are often many Alliance-Horde conflicts nearby. The wreckage off of each ship gave Razilius Sparkdealer ample opportunity to loot their lost treasures.

Through the constructing expertise of Kitrix "The Toolbox", Razilius Sparkdealer had acquired himself a sturdy dock that remained as the foundation for numerous buildings, such as a bank, treasure rooms, and even Razilius' temporary home. Also found on the docks was a game of Goblin bomb-football, which often brought explosive yet entertaining results.

Rumors abound tell of a vast fortune pulled out from the bottom of the sea and brought onto the island, hidden from public view by the greedy Razilius. Apparently, treasures that have been noted missing include large piles of gold coins, Stormwind gold bars, and even a golden statue of a High Elven ranger. More exclusive rumors even suggest that Razilius' partner, Jarvis Jenkins, kept undead companions who found, tortured, and experimented upon any strangers who found themselves unfortunate enough to be on the island. Various ghoulish creatures were been said to occasionally manifest from the thick fog that to this day continues to reign over the once peaceful island.