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The portion of the Burning Legion forces within Amreggar Valley is ruled over by three great demons, who swore fealty to both Sargeras and other demon lords above them. Together, they rule as the Amreggar Council and do whatever it takes to fulfill their god's vision.


The Hand of XorothEdit


Thamruz, Bane of Order.

Amreggar Valley is a region on Xoroth protected by high mountains, dangerous and corrupted wildlife, as well as monstrous demon guardians. Following Xoroth's enslavement it was inevitably raided and turned into yet another area with war-hungry fiends, eventually given to the powerful demon Thamruz to control who vanquished thousands of enemies in Sargeras' name. The great lord was even called the Hand of Xoroth for his unyielding strength and commanding will to eradicate all enemies of the Burning Legion which reflected upon his most loyal servants, namely his two generals that were highly respectful of his eternal power and stood as instruments against anyone who would be foolish enough to oppose; Zelakk and Gorgathor. Their domain of chaos was the dreaded Tormerdar Spire that towered over the Xorothian fields where every capable demon was put to work, from a crafty gan’arg to a devious eredar. The spire itself was surrounded by walls and other watchtowers between which the training grounds were held with hundreds of soldiers at the ready. The inside of this stronghold featured many other displays of the Legion’s potency and knowledge such as the armory filled with numerous fel-iron weapons and attires, and the library that contained tomes, scrolls and scripts that the Legion collected through their universal conquest.</p>

Acolytes of Anguish

After Xoroth’s enslavement Thamruz was officially given an adequate portion of land to lead, and many would soon come to know of his dreaded realm. After Tormerdar’s construction as his seat of power, he instructed his servants to establish another settlement where minions who dabbled in magic could train and prepare for inevitable battles, appointing one of his trusted servants to oversee it. Janirdus was respected by all those who knew of his powers, which played a big part in acquiring the position of headmaster in the newly-constructed Temple of Anguish.


The banner of the Amreggar Council.

Janirdus first act was to choose acolytes that he would personally train, and he chose the ones with most potential: a shivarra named Darya, two eredar, Sarux and Zatarra, and another warlock that sought the headmaster’s training, Sathen. All of these demons have greatly advanced with their teachings, yet Janirdus chose a favored pupil from the crowd: Zatarra. She was from then on known as his right-hand servant. Even as he kept the other three acolytes under his tutelage, he offered more notice to his esteemed apprentice.

Project: Death's LeadEdit

Enhancement was prioritized by many mo'arg engineers, technological the most, so the three finest of their kind in Amreggar pleeded to Thamruz with an idea of even greater scientific enrichment. Thamruz gladly accepted to focus his current resources on this experiment, under the condition of actual progress with the engineer's work. The three mo'arg, Tabroseth, Hegg'rak and Ledrozj immedietly instructed their gan'arg underlings to begin working on the new project, which they named "Death's Lead". Tabroseth was considered superior in intellect and it was his idea to bring Death's Lead into motion, with Hegg'rak and Ledrozj as assistants. The two of them despised each other, and were jealous about Tabroseth's position, inventions and other schemes, yet they decided to follow him this one time for the sake of achieving a similar vision. This was supposed to be a new level of cybernetic improvement, little detail given out to anyone except the engineer overseers and Thamruz, all that was known was it could've given the Burning Legion an even bigger advantage over their enemies. Every little detail mattered.

Nearly two months passed and Thamruz already expected to see progress, with the first deadline extended once for the mo'arg, the second time wouldn't go unpunished. Sadly, the three mo'arg were to blame for the slow prosperity and suffered the ultimate price for this... one of them, at least. Their master was displeased for not even getting a glimpse of what he was promised and without a second thought slaughtered the one responsible for the complete waste of time; Tabroseth. It served as a warning never to spurn his favor and to put their lives into their work next time. Ledrozj immediately got back to work and soon enough he upgraded his arm into a one of fel iron, renaming himself to 'Razorclaw'. The petty quarrels between him and Hegg'rak were still a known thing and they both continued to blame each other for Death's Lead fail.

The First Amreggar RebellionEdit

Everything was calm for Thamruz and his minions, as much of peacefulness as the Burning Legion could hold, continuing to administer their districts on Xoroth. The lack of destruction of enemies of the Legion only made everyone in Amreggar impatient, and they could not sate their hunger for mayhem by meaningless quarrels. To further aggravate the situation, Thamruz was informed of strange happenings and shortages in his ranks. While he didn’t intend on ignoring the situation, he also didn’t want to jump to any conclusions and let his army know of such a slip of command, so he tasked his demonic agents of the Netherblade to investigate these odd happenings. After some time, even the lesser minions in Amreggar began to notice something was not as it should be, and so Thamruz urged his agents to hasten their operation, which eventually resulted in progress. A satyr named Banthelas, who was at the time an overseer of Forge Camp: Disorder of the north-eastern Amreggar, had been apprehended under the suspicions of betrayal. Even as he stood before Thamruz he maintained his claim of innocence, though it did not help his situation as he was sent for torture until he would give them a confession about the disappearance of the Legion’s soldiers. The unspeakable pain that was inflicted upon Banthelas was expressed through the yells and screams that echoed through Tormerdar’s halls, yet Thamruz insisted on further torture, not wanting to leave any stone unturned. After days of torment, the satyr relented, and admitted to what he knows: he admitted to knowing of a treachery that was soon to be upon Amreggar. Though he did not have a major role in this uprising, he did admit to using his position in Forge Camp: Disorder to transfer soldiers from Tormerdar to the camp itself, later relocating them to a new location under the orders of a superior call. The satyr told Thamruz of the traitor’s dwelling claiming that he did not know who this voice of command was, and pleading for mercy. The demon lord was intrigued and concerned about the situation, knowing that someone else had been secretly sending his servants from Tormerdar, who have betrayed him by this choice, to a mysterious demon that sought his own army. After learning of the supposed hiding place of this rebel and his underlings, Thamruz sent Banthelas back to the Tormerdar holding-cells, and ordered a continued investigation of a rat in his ranks.

Rooting out the TraitorsEdit

The priority of Thamruz’s search was that it remained a secret from his lesser servants, until he could find the defector in his own domain, as well as the demon responsible for this whole charade. The west terrace of Tormerdar had teleporters that lead to certain areas of Amreggar Valley, Forge Camp: Disorder being one of them. Thamruz made sure that no-one got suspicious of Banthelas’ absence from the camp, so he allowed the satyr to return to it, but under the supervision from two Netherblade agents, who would execute him on the spot if he tried to escape or warn the rebels. The satyr was greatly cooperative, fearing that he would be sent back to the torture chambers if he didn’t obey. With this, Thamruz increased the security at Tormerdar Spire, ordering his other minions to find the deceiver that was a breath away from him the entire time. The dreadlord Myotisthar completed his master’s assignment with grand pleasure, immediately notifying him of what transpired: the spy that was caught had been the one who smuggled groups of soldiers to his master, even though he claimed he acted under orders the teleporter authorization was never permitted to him. The carelessness of one lackey is all that it took to make Thamruz act, ordering his elite soldiers to storm Forge Camp: Disorder and slay all potential enemies that resided there, whether they were guilty of treason or not. After easily slaughtering their enemies (who were caught off-guard by the whole occurrence), they advanced on foot to the mountain region, lead by general Gorgathor. Scouts investigated the area not long after learning of a possible threat in it and have reported that the rebel hiding place is a summit that served as a training ground. Given their tactical advantage, and element of surprise, Gorgathor made his soldiers surround the training grounds before attacking and slaughtering every last one of them. However, the mastermind behind these schemes was nowhere to be found.

The Final ConfrontationEdit


A portion of Amreggar's army that marched to Terror Hold.

Victory could already be spotted on the horizon for Thamruz and his servants, and the dark lord was eager to eliminate what remained of his enemy, who was yet to show his face. The few prisoners leftover from the summit assault were easy to break, despite them supposedly being the commanding officers of the rebellion. Each one of them faced excruciating torture and immediately revealed the identity of their master. Much to everyone’s surprise, their master was an ered'ruin that didn’t even reside at Amreggar Valley, but rather many miles beyond its mountains. The renegade demon was known as Hazagor the Fearmaster, whose domain was surrounded by additional camps and was heavily guarded, though this wasn’t posing a concern to his enemies. Before he could put an end to the whole rebellion, Thamruz consulted one of his loyalists, the eredar who was the current headmaster of the Temple of Anguish; Janirdus. The eredar insisted on his warlocks leading the assault squads that would attack the camps, alongside other military commanders, to which Thamruz agreed. Instead of contacting other Legion lords Thamruz finally reveled to his army the presence of traitors on Xoroth and gave the order to prepare for assault. The assault squads that were supposed to lay waste to the camps were dispatched, followed by the main army that marched to Hazagor’s lair, Terror Hold. The battle continued against the insurgents for some time as the Amreggar forces, lead by Thamruz and his two generals, slowly cleared the path to the inner sanctum where the mastermind behind the rebellion was hiding. After the courtyard was cleared, Thamruz, Gorgathor and Zelakk walked over the corpses of their fallen enemies to confront Hazagor in his chambers, where the ered’ruin waited with great anticipation. His personal guard was no match for the lords of Amreggar, and neither was he, easily being beaten by Thamruz and immediately beheaded. As the Bane of Order and his trusted lieutenants exited to the courtyard their minions stood triumphant, praising them for their victory. With the death of the renegade demon leader, Janirdus contacted his superior and informed him that the camps were obliterated, and that none survived the dreaded assault. It is presumed that Hazagor planned on weakening Amreggar with the forces that defected to his side and later deliver the final blow with his own army, but this only lead to the end of the rebellion and his gruesome downfall.

Amreggar DividedEdit

However, Thamruz met his end at the hands of the Titans, causing a great disturbance within his ranks as they all began to look around his most loyal for the next leader of the Amreggar army. As it turns out, a higher call appointed the two dreadlord brothers Nosfetaron and Aedraghast to co-rule over the dark plane along with Zelakk and Gorgathor. Amreggar was divided for the four demons and their forces, for what it seemed to be an enduring rule, the annihilan and ered’ruin were angered by this decision while the two nathrezim were more smug about gaining control of their newly given territories. The years that followed reinforced their reign.

The Unknown

With the arrival of the Dark Baron to Amreggar, many were curious of his presence and role in the valley. While not many were threatened, Aedraghast attempted to reveal the demon’s agenda with his spies, sending them to Nether’s Bastion, the Dark Baron’s compound. His spies were, however, uncovered quickly. Despite them being even previous Netherblade agents most of them were executed. Only one who was spared was sent back to Nathrezzar bearing a message to the dreadlord: “You, like your weak-minded operatives, have failed. Mark my words, nathrezim, I will not hesitate to strike down those who tread on my land, including you. Your curiosity will be your end one day.” This enraged Aedraghast and made him kill the agent himself. In this fit of rage, he also ended the lives of a few others present. Word soon spread of this occurrence, as it pleased Gorgathor greatly, though did not break his suspicions of the mysterious demon.

The Second Amreggar Rebellion


A few years before the Shattering, the Legion was still scouring the universe for worlds to be crushed before their power, and they eventually stumbled upon one that held a familiar enemy that has disputed them for eons. The Old Gods infest countless planets, and this one was no different; the races that occupie it, once a proud people with ressilient hopes and traditions, are now nothing but abominations that serve the old ones. It was only fit for them to be disposed of as all the others. It was named Krosh'dar by the demons and they intended to launch an invasion upon the world as soon as possible, picking great members as the commanders to lead the armies. Gorgathor was given the honor of being one of the many commanders, gladly accepting his temporary position that might even raise him in the ranks. In his place he left his most trusted servant Sathen to watch over his forces. 


With Gorgathor on Krosh'dar, and Sathen as his temporary replacement, some demons showed disapproval of this development. While a majority was still loyal to Sathen, the rest believed he would ruin Gorgathor's army and the pit lord's good name. The unruly numbers revealed their nature after leaving the clutches of their masters, off to plot the demise of those they saw as incompetent. Sathen asked for reinforcements from the more potent demons of their kind, welcoming them into the hold with the wait for their next command. Significant underlings were picked from those reinforcements by the eredar Sarux for a special task force which would be lead by the ered'ruin Zagrommak. After the first rebel attack on Forge Base: Death, Sathen became more wary of the possibilities of other attacks, that would later come to pass both in success and failure.

Houndmaster's Overlook Edit

Vortigathis fighting Zagrommak's unit.

Lord Sarux requested the presence of Zagrommak's unit at the lower terrace of Gorgathor Hold. After explaining how no-one from Houndmaster's Overlook has been heard of, he ordered them to investigate the situation. Given that the teleporter at their destination was inactive, they set out on foot with haste, without the ered'ruin Zagrommak, surprisingly.

After arriving to their destination, the area was deserted, though the group soon found themselves facing the houndmaster himself. With the use of dark magic, his lackeys trapped and disarmed the group. They were forced to fight Vortigathis' two most prized hounds, Cataclysm and Apocalypse, before finally besting them. The enraged ered'ruin took the fight to his enemies and attempted to crush them all. He would've succeeded were it not for Zagrommak's interference, easily slaughtering the Vileborn traitors, save for the houndmaster who fled the scene. The group, after reactivating the teleporter, returned to Gorgathor Hold and informed Sarux of what transpired, and how Zagrommak himself took chase to the fleeing Vortigathis. Sathen is yet to inform his minions of their next move.

Void's Cove Edit

Lord Sarux's informant managed to finally locate Zagrommak, confirming that he was still alive and a prisoner to the Vileborn. Sathen readily approved of a rescue mission by Zagrommak's unit, wanting to see how capable the demons really are. After informing them of their situation, and the rebel hideout, the group made it's way to Void's Cove via portal. Already near their destination, an eredar explained further of what must be done, and that the group had to introduce themselves as lord Landaris and his minions as a lie that spread among the Vileborn ranks.


The rebel congregation within Void's Cove.

Not too long after, they would finally reach Void's Cove and gain entrance to it. "Lord Landaris" and his minions settled themselves amongst the demonic traitors, who were oblivious to who they really were. It took them some time to find out where the prisoner was held, but eventually they would learn of Zagrommak's holding place and free him. To maintain the illusion of him still being a prisoner, and escaping without suspicion, Zagrommak ordered them to take him to the higher level of the cave and try to slip out through one of the tunnels, as well as make it seem he was being brought to the scheduled execution. They would fool the feeble minded, though after encountering the one who was to be preforming the execution they had no other choice but to comply. The executioner did not think of it too much and allowed the group to escort Zagrommak to where he was to be executed; within the presence of a felguard centurion, Vortigathis and a dark master who was commanding the Vileborn. Before this could come to pass, the Vileborn were alerted of traitors within their domain, and soon enough scattered throughout the cavern in search for them, including the centurion and Vortigathis. The dark master insisted for the execution to continue, though Zagrommak's minions quickly overwhelmed the executioner and fled the scene. Kralthius, who was impersonating Landaris, took the executioner's spellblade as a trophy.

As they exited the tunnels, they found themselves confronted by the centurion and two of his bodyguards, with the sound of clattering of armor and weapons coming up from behind. The centurion was obviously outmached, but eventually finished off by a gan'arg mortar. The same gan'arg blocked off the tunnel to halt the Vileborn's pursuit, with a familiar eredar's command. The eredar did not say much, but provided a portal back to Gorgathor Hold, where Sarux eagerly awaited their return. He was indeed pleased with the mission's success and allowed the group to tend to their wounds or other matters, afterwards entering the Gorgathor Hold with Zagrommak for a full report.

Gorthorr Outpost Edit

Reclaiming the Gorthorr Outpost.

The Gorthorr Outpost had been taken over by the Vileborn. Those who escaped the rebels managed to warn Sathen about their foul intents. Sathen called forth the general of the Gorthorr army Avarus, Lord Sarux, Forgemaster Razorclaw, Zagrommak and his minions to aid in reclaiming the settlement. While Sarux urged the group to go through a secret passage into the lower parts of the building, Razorclaw claimed it would do no good, and sent the group to enter through an unknown hole in the wall him and his minions sloppily covered up weeks ago. Zagrommak's unit, with the leadership of the satyr Kralthius, managed to infiltrate the structure, moving further into the lower quarters where something of importance was held...

They found the gan'arg Tombir who was about to be executed by the Vileborn, though the traitor demons were ended before they could do so. They were surrounded by plentiful bombs, obviously arranged in such a way they were intended to be set off. Tombir redirected the group's attention from the fel reaver heart, Razorclaw's invention which was of great importance to the Gorthorr army, and urged them to make haste to the roof and deal with the rest of the enemies. The last defense of the Vileborn was crushed by the group, leaving but an active portal on the roof. A great mo'arg, Pir'krom, equiped for battle and various modifications engaged the servants of Sathen, utilizing various techniques in his attempts to crush them. The mo'arg engineer fell eventually as well, and the group would meet up with their masters in front of the structure.

Sathen himself commended the group, standing beside Razorclaw, Avarus and Sarux. The mood quickly shifted as the whole structure began crumbling down with a great explosion. Sathen was furious, sending his minions to Gorgathor Hold and ordering them to await within his chambers. Some time would pass until the group and the Gorthorr lords met up within Sathen's chambers. Avarus brought an imp who was seemingly recognized by some, and was supposedly the one to blame for the destruction of the Gorthorr Outpost. However, as Razorclaw in his rage attempted to crush the imp, the cowardly demon claimed that Razorclaw's valued creation was still in existence. Sathen ordered the imp to be interrogated further, letting the rest of his minions lick their wounds and return to other preparations until he calls again.

Infiltrators in the Hold Edit

A few days have passed since the destruction of the Gorthorr Outpost. Lord Sathen's army was getting anxious and hungry for revenge. Sathen called for Zagrommak's unit, the ones available were summoned to his chambers. He explained that the imp they caught, who was also the one responsible for the destruction of one of their bases, was almost broken. Believing the imp had much to say, he sent his minions to listen for anything important. As they neared the torture chambers, two great felguards blocked their path. They denied them the passage, looking even as if they were of a high rank due to their unusual attire. Despite their warnings, the group continued on and discovered that the demons were actually intruders within the Hold. Two felguards and a satyr stood in their path. The satyr was adorned by much jewelery and wore an cloak and quickly began preparing a spell while his two bodyguards dealt with the group. The enemies were of an elite training and offered much resistence, but in the end there were no casualties on either sides. The intruders escaped via portal, courtesy of the satyr, and took the imp with them. However, a parchment was left behind by the enemy, which was brought to Sathen shortly after. Sathen was enraged after reading it, ordering his minions to quickly remove themselves from his presence.

News spread of how a group of demons infiltrated the Gorgathor Hold, presumably the Vileborn, and took the imp prisoner. Sathen's most trusted lieutenants and Zagrommak's unit were called for a meeting within the Hold. Sarux read to them a letter that was left behind by the intruders, intentional or not, it suggested that these demons were Vilbeorn and that their master was the Dark Baron. Sathen and Sarux did not dismiss any possibilities of what this letter meant, but some of the present lieutenants wished for Zagrommak's unit to investigate further into the situation. Sathen gave Zagrommak's minions two options: chase after Razorclaw's creation, Devastation's Heart, or seek out the Dark Baron. Eventually, Kralthius and the rest of the group agreed to locate the missing machinery and bring it back to its rightful owner, despite some of the Gorthorr masters not agreeing. It was decided, and at the same time a transmission of lord Xend'maras appeared via communicator, the lord of Amreggar. He informed Sathen of how the dreadlord Varimathras failed in his attempt to invade the mortal world of Azeroth, and at the same time reminded Sathen to deal with the rebellion as soon as possible. The eredar's command was clear, and so the conversation ended as the image faded away.

The Vileborn Revealed Edit

As Zagrommak's minions prepare for their assignment, which they were informed was the retrieval of Forgemaster Razorclaw's creation, Sarux made the necessary preparations for their departure. For the time being, he appointed the satyr Kralthius to lead the demons in Zagrommak's absence. Sarux instructed the group to travel to their destination with the portal which was being prepared, secluded within a cavern rich with fel iron deposits. They obeyed and proceeded as planned.

Upon arriving to the cavern, which was completely dark and illuminated only by the flames of the imps and the glimmering deposits, they attempted to stay hidden from the Vileborn rebels. The group, however, found that the camp's residents were completely annihilated. The corpses in their wake left them to wonder, but what caught their eye was a great contraption, crude and hastily made. Not even the gan'arg, who was very much familiar with the Legion engineering, could tell what its use was or how to power it. A dark voice spoke, assuring the group that the machine is capable of much damage to the Gorthorr region. With a gust of shadows, a dark, horned figure appeared; it was the very same satyr who served the Dark Baron, lord Azhlar. Him and his forces ambushed the group and took them to their dreaded domain, Nether's Bastion.


The Gorthorr Army fighting the Vileborn Rebels.

Within the prison of the demonic stronghold, the group found themselves without most of their belongings. It would be only a short while until the Dark Baron requested an audiance of his prisoners. He did not appear before them in person, but spoke to them nonetheless, with lord Azhlar by his side. The Dark Baron began inquiring of their loyalties and requested them to bend knee to his greatness. Before many could reply, Sathen interfered. He decided to end the charade and spoke to his servants, informing them that the Dark Baron, in actuality, is not their real enemy. He continued to shed light on the matter on what the Dark Baron's intents were, and how, with his highly trained agents, managed to discover the Vileborn rebels' next attack point. The Infernal Forge: Undoing is the source of Gorgathor's infernals, and the Gorthorr army was said to already be waiting in ambush for their enemies. Sathen was to bring Zagrommak's unit to battle, and so he did. He brought him and his minions near the battlefield, however Wrathbringer Koz'darath was in wait; he informed them that Vortigathis and a few of his other minions managed to slip past the Gorthorr forces, and that Abdiel, ruler of the infernal factory, was nowhere to be found. Sathen contemplated for a brief while, and finally ordered his minions to proceed into the forge, underground and end all that opposed them. Passing by the battlefield caught some attention within the group; Zagrommak, Priestess Darya, Lord Sarux, even General Avarus were engaging the Vileborn rebels in combat. A great battle that was supposed to be ended with the death of the traitor houndmaser, Vortigathis. 


Vortigathis' death within Infernal Forge: Undoing.

The inner sanctum was guarded by a few demons, even infernals who were seemingly re-programmed to strike at their allies. It posed no great threat to the group, and so they advanced. They reached Vortigathis, his dark master, and Abdiel, who was in chains. Vortigathis was pleased to have another chance to end the demons who have been posing a great obstacle in thier plans. He used his barbed whip to summon his pet felhounds to aid him, but in the end they fell, and eventually so did the traitor ered'ruin. The dark master's presence disappeared, and with it Abdiel's chains as well. Sathen approached them, saying that he was pleased with how they each preformed. Seeing as the group was greatly exhausted and in the end successful, they all traveled back to the Gorgathor Hold, where the main forces from the battle were waiting. They all praised Sathen for the victory they achieved, who in turn informed them that the Vileborn rebels were destroyed completely. He also revealed that the true masterminds behind the rebellion were the dreadlord brothers: Aedraghast and Nosfetaron the Grim. He declared war against the manipulative nathrezim, one which would be of great proportions, having the Dark Baron and Highlord Zelakk as allies to the Gorthorr army. Zagrommak passed down the ownership of his unit to the satyr Kralthius, having greater tasks to tend to within the upcoming war.

The War of Amreggar Valley Edit

The Amreggar War has begun. The four armies ready their forces for battle; Highlord Zelakk and Sathen plot their strike locations and how to dispense their minions and into what regions. The Dark Baron has also been busy, albeit not actually providing his own minions for the main bulk of Tham'narrad and Gorthorr armies. Nosfetaron and Aedraghast are marked as traitors, as new demonic reinforcements arrive to Amreggar as recoupment for the forces that have been lost during the Second Amreggar Rebellion. Kralthius became the new field commander of Sathen's most promising demonic unit, as the demons of the Gorgathor Hold are not greatly informed on the details of their first attack, but it is rumored that it shall be against Nosfetaron's forces, the Grimscar Legion. Xend'maras, Gorgathor and other Legion commanders wish the war to be dealt with quickly so that they can direct their focus on other matters.

Grimscar Pinnacle Edit


Kralthius and his servants battling Nosfetaron's foul creation.

The Gorthorr's finest task force gathered inside of the Gorgathor Hold. Kralthius and his unit were briefed on their next mission, which involved the dreadlord Nosfetaron and his settlement known as the Grimscar Pinnacle. They were to meet up with the general of the Tham'narrad demons near the fortress and plan their assault upon their enemies, and so they did. General Azrither, obviously seeing himself above the Gorthorr forces, tasked them with a quite dangerous diversion so they could all enter the fotress without a problem. Kralthius' unit proved to be quite resilient and managed to eliminate the demons guarding the entrance, allowing Azrither and his forces to advance along with them. The ered'ruin halted and allowed his minions to ram one of the doors down, through which they were to pass, without the Gorthorr demons. He ordered them to stay back and guard their position, shortly after moving into the dark chambers and clearing the path. A loud voice ordered for the halls to be brought down as the demons passed, sealing them away within the dark and unknown chambers. Kralthius, seeing as Azrither and his servants were left to fend for themselves, moved onward. The group found an active communicator and, shortly after, Nosfetaron's image appeared and taunted them, urging them to proceed forward as they were so confident. They ignored the dreadlord's taunts, but soon enough realized that his terrible and twisted creations were waiting...

A great behemoth, resembling a greatly mutated mo'arg, attacked its enemies and sprayed acidic ooze in every strike. It was relentless, despite the combined attacks, but after some time it would fall, ended by Azrither the Foul who came just in time. The group was grateful and proceeded with their original plan, reprogrammed the teleporter and contacted Sarux. The eredar sent the gan'arg Tombir to heed Kralthius' desires on setting up the much needed defenses for their new foothold within the Grimscar Plains. 

Defending the Fortress Edit


The Gorthorr forces defending their base.

It was not a secret that the Grimscar Legion would try and reclaim their fortress that fell to the Gorthorr and Tham'narrad armies. Preparations were made, however, and Kralthius made sure that the defenses were enough to fend off the inevitable attacks. After gathering his most trusted allies, they awaited for the enemy atop of the structure's roof, where pots of boiling liquid and fel cannons waited. After some time, the enemy could be seen amassing as they marched to the fortress. Cannons fired, and so did the spellcasters from Kralthius' unit, but the barricades were about to be broken, and so they had to retreat behind the gates below. The doors were broken by a towering abyssal, and soon a few soldiers followed it inside. The gan'arg Tombir did his best to burn the enemies with the flamethrower that was set up as a trap; eventually the battle was won by the Gorthorr army.

It would not be long after that Sathen came into contact with his minions, and at the same time they would be informed that the abyssal attackers were crafted and sent by the eredar Zatarra, lady of Nathrezzar, who was supposedly near by. Sathen requested his minions to find her and obtain her scepter, something that he sought for many years. They agreed to their master's wishes, but decided to deal with another matter near the fortress. As they did so, they met an ered'ruin who was known as Lord Unithros, a servant of Nosfetaron the Grim. He claimed for his loyalties to lie with the Legion and Sargeras, but Kralthius and his servants did not trust his word. They refused his offer to bring him Zatarra's scepter instead of Sathen, and so the furious ered'ruin left. Afterwards, they prepared for the assault on Angerspawn Citadel.

Siege of Angerspawn Edit


The Devatron preparing to assault Angerspawn's gates.

Every demon within Amreggar knew about the impending battle upon Angerspawn Citadel, it was only a matter of skill in battle that would determine the end. Kralthius, along with his minions, and Azrither with his waited at the Grimscar Pinnacle before being sent into the battle. Azrither stood behind to tend to other summonings while Kralthius and his demons moved to the main battle, which was already taking place at the main gates. Gan'arg controlling mortars continued to assault the wall as the tide turned against Nosfetaron's forces, though the eredar commander, Xadros, ordered his ered'ruin to pour red liquid from the air onto the enemy forces. Many died, leaving only Kralthius' unit to try and force their way into the courtyard.

A great fel reaver, an obvious creation of Forgemaster Razorclaw, moved to the citadel and rammed the gates, eventually forcing its way inside with the others. He was greeted with harpoons that fired and restrained him with chains. Kralthius moved into the hold to find Xadros and bring him to Sathen while the fel reaver dealt with the pestering foes that were little match for it.

There was no problem in entering the citadel's side-entrance, seemingly intended to allow them inside, albeit unknown by who. The room filled with various toxic tubes and cauldrons was cleared rather quickly, until Xadros himself arrived to destroy the invaders. While a great eredar commander, he was subdued, intended to be brought to Sathen, rather than killed. Zatarra herself appeared and sought to make matters more difficult, tossing the weakened Xadros into the pool of toxic liquid. She left Kralthius and the others to fight a mutated version of Xadros, which was eventually slain with no other choice. Zagrommak believed that their failure would be overlooked, but urged them to return to the Gorgathor Hold, along with the imprisoned Nosfetaron, who was to be executed shortly.

Deception Edit

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Nosfetaron within the Gorgathor Hold arena, before the Gorthorr lords and Gorgathor himself.

As the hour of Nosfetaron's demise drew ever nearer, the general of the Gorthorr Army, Avarus, was ordered to bring Kralthius and his unit to the exeuction personally so they could all witness it. And so he did, after amassing a number of demons under the satyr's command, they moved through the Gorgathor Hold to a room just outside the arena, where Nosfetaron stood in chains. The stench of burning flesh could be sensed from the arena where many notable demons were located. Even Gorgathor's image observed the slaughter via communicator, and finally ordered Avarus to be the one to execute the dreadlord upon his command. Before he could give the order, cries of battle could be heard outside as enemies besieged the Gorgathor Hold. Many of the present demons rushed out of the arena to the battle, as well as Sathen, who ordered Avarus, Kralthius and the others to stay there and guard Nosfetaron.

Avarus was not pleased with this decision, and made it clear he was going to execute Nosfetaron right there and then, to which the others agreed. The dreadlord laughed as other demons entered the arena, though seemingly part of the Gorthorr Army. Even so, Nosfetaron broke free from his bonds and ordered his agents to finish off the group, injuring Avarus greatly as he fled further into the Hold. The traitors were quickly dealt with, and so Kralthius and his servants pursued the dreadlord.


Nosfetaron's fallen armor, all that was left after his death.

The group cut through any enemies that stood in their path to Sathen's chambers, until finally reaching it and confronting the dreadlord. Nosfetaron's spell trapped the six present demons, too powerful for any of them to escape, proceeding with his plan to bring down the Gorgathor Hold with a dark ritual. Soon enough Unithros arrived to the scene and was greeted by Nosfetaron, who wasted no time in proceeding with his ritual. As his back was turned, Unithros charged for Nosfetaron and slammed his great mace into the dreadlord's back, making him lose focus on the other demons he had trapped. Nosfetaron was furious by the betrayal and almost killed him before directing his attention to the others who began to constantly attack him. The six demons, Kralthius, Xelach, Retharis, Zergik, Zarrak and Ceredor, gave Nosfetaron no time to breathe and continued with their assault. The felguard, Xelach, used the ered'ruin's mace to try and halt the dreadlord's final attempt to bring the whole Hold down, being aided by the others, Nosfetaron was ultimately destroyed. Ceredor mended Unithros' wounds enough so he could stand, just as Sathen and Sarux arrived. The battle for the Gorgathor Hold was won, and the dreadlord's schemes foiled, all that remained was to deal with his brother, Aedraghast, whose stronghold was to be assaulted in two days time. Sathen wasted little time on commending the group, and told them to lick their wounds before their next battle.

The Sacking of Nathrezzar Edit


Aedraghast, preparing to flee Xoroth with his minions.

Impenetrable as it was, Sathen was determined to retake Nathrezzar and put an end to the war, once and for all. For this, he once more turned to his operatives and ordered them to find a way to secure passage into the dreadlord's citadel. Sarux was of great help, as he had an agent within Nathrezzar, one that would disable the wards for a very short time so the unit could enter the fortress via portal. They agreed to it, and would shortly after take the portal to Nathrezzar. The imp, Nargash, would be waiting for them, and would explain everything from directions to what must be done for Nathrezzar's defenses to disperse. The imp cowardly fled, while the rest of the group ventured to the upper levels, where they would soon find the source of the wards, and destroy it.

A runed door caught their attention, some believing it contains something dangerous. Kralthius did not think of it much, and was much more focused on fleeing the chambers before the guards came. They took a risk and went through one of the portals to Nathrezzar's terrace, where they would find the three conspirators; Hodderis the Hateful, Lady Zatarra and Aedraghast. The dreadlord laughed, saying that he had more important things to tend to, departing through a portal and leaving Zatarra to deal with the trespassers. While the eredar woman, utilizing even the Scepter of Janirdus, was a great foe and hard to defeat, her greatest weapon would leave her side, making her most vulnerable to the incoming attacks. She would fall off the terrace and into the darkness, while Kralthius took her staff. Talonar, the eredar who met with the unit on numerous occasions, demanded the staff be handed to him while they pursued Aedraghast. After slight opposition, they agreed, and went through the portal that was left open for Zatarra.


Hob'rakkas, freed from his prison.

They found themselves in a darkened cave, filled with demons that were awaiting for their master's order. A portal stood in the middle of the chamber, Hodderis standing next to it, and overseeing his minions. The room would soon be emptied, save for Aedraghast and his bodyguards. Kralthius took this oportunity to strike at the dreadlord, but the cowardly demon fled through the portal. The bodyguards were killed, and the portal had to be closed before the enemy could send reinforcements. The unit's gan'arg placed explosives before fleeing the scene, and returning to Nathrezzar. Talonar waited for the group, requesting assistance with opening Aedraghast's vault. They agreed to do so, and returned to the runed doors within the citadel where the eredar would try and open the vault. During his channel, he admitted he was going to take credit for both the return of Janirdus' scepter, and whatever it is that lies within the vault. While displeased, the group did not act. Talonar would be blasted by magics as the vault opened, instantly killing him as an observer named Hob'rakkas emerged. He was not hostile, and explained how Aedraghast kept him locked away for some time. The group accepted the aid the observer offered, as Sathen and a small handful of his guards caught up with them. He was briefed with what had occurred, and thrilled to have the Scepter of Janirdus within his grasp. He sent them back to the Gorgathor Hold, agreeing to Hob'rakkas' aid. Xend'maras wanted to speak with the group before sending them to Outland, which is where Aedraghast was revealed to be hiding out at. Their arrival to the Legion Hold was expected by the wrathguard Relcozzis, who welcomed them with open arms, as well as further reinforcements from the newly created Amreggar Council.

The Outland Hunt Edit

Former Allies Edit

Only a few days into their arrival, Kralthius and his servants were tasked with investigating the near-by draenei ruins, by order of Relcozzis. He warned them that Aedraghast's minions might be involved, so they proceeded to their destination with caution. Upon arriving to the ruins, they found only demon corpses, presumably the traitors, ravaged. Soon enough, two fel orcs appeared before them, the robed one spoke to the demons with respect. He claimed to have slaughtered these demons with his ally, Rokar, and that him and his clan sought the Legion's forgiveness. Kralthius was hesitant, but agreed to meet with the chieftain of their minor clan, to discuss the troubling matter at hand. Their camp was nestled above the ruins, near the mountains, and many fel orcs waited for the demons to come. They approached the fel orc chieftain known as Rukrog, who humbly asked for his clan to rejoin the Burning Legion. He also said that he knew of the demon that the Legion was hunting, and that he began recruiting other fel orcs into his own little army, one that Rukrog was yet to decline. Kralthius made a pact with the Shadewalker Clan, and allowed them to fight with the Legion once more, taking back to the Legion Hold two of Rukrog's servants, the warlock from before, Tulthar, and his lieutenant, Rokar. Relcozzis was not pleased of this event, but agreed to wait and see what Kralthius' decision will bring, and how it will benefit the Burning Legion.

The Fel Orc Prisoner Edit

The Shadewalker Clan High Warlock named Tulthar left the Legion Hold to the draenei ruins, where he requested his ally's presence. They agreed to meet with him, thinking it is of importance to their ongoing hunt for the traitor nathrezim. He explained to the present demons how some time ago, after Illidan's death, the Legion sent one of their eredar agents to destroy the remaining fel orcs within Outland. The Shadewalker, back then, were desperate, and asked for aid from other fel orcs that were in the area. Chieftain Goltus prepared a trap for the eredar, who did not expect such a feeble-minded race to get the upper hand. The warlocks trapped the eredar within the circle located in the ruins, and so the fel orcs fed on his powers ever since.

Tulthar said that Aedraghast, for an unknown reason, sought the eredar re-located, sending in his new lieutenant Goltus to claim the demon. Kralthius and his servants agreed to play along, and present themselves to the unsuspecting Goltus as Aedraghast's soldiers. However, this plan went to waste as an imp who recognized Kralthius and a few other present warned Goltus of their trickery. A fight broke out, and the imp fled, though the every other enemy was slain, except for Goltus, who was to be brought alive to Chieftain Rukrog. Tulthar proceeded with freeing the eredar from his imprisonment after taking the required keystone from Goltus, who was brought back to the fel orc camp not far from the ruins. The rest of the group asked the eredar for his aid during their hunt for Aedraghast, who agreed to help them as the true servant of the Burning Legion he was.

They all returned to the Legion Hold, where the wrathguard Relcozzis was more than thrilled to see his brother, the eredar Xotares, returned and alive. The two of them went to the priestess to tend to any wounds the eredar suffered during his imprisonment, while the others were told to meet with the observer Hob'rakkas, the one who had been freed from Aedraghast's vault not too long ago by the very same demons. He said he was also going to aid them, and that he suspects that Aedraghast searches for someone within Outland, someone his minions kept referring to as "The Fourth". Kralthius kept the title in mind, and dismissed his servants who have done well within the battle.

The Deathforge Construct Edit

The eredar, Sarux, contacted his minions at the Legion Hold, informing them that there is an object of the utmost importance being crafted as per his request. The demonic unit was quick to move to Invasion Point: Cataclysm, where a number of Burning Legion constructs were being worked on. The one in charge there, the shivarra Apophis, greeted the demons and showed them her creation, a powerful core for the eredar. She advised it be escorted with caution, and so the group departed for the Deathforge, where the core was to be brought. While they did not encounter any trouble from the corrupted wildlife, the troublesome Horde attempted to strike them down before they could reach sanctuary. The weak orcs and trolls were no match for the demons, however, and only one wolfrider managed to escape their terrible wrath.

The denizens of the Deathforge greeted their demonic lords, and led them to the depths of the infernal factory, where many others were already in wait... however, they were waiting for someone else, rather than Kralthius and his minions. The old orc warlock, Maraga, prepared a summoning for one of their lords, who turned out to be lord Sarux himself. He was very much pleased with their success in bringing the core to him, and proceeded deeper into the Deathforge, where his very own creation was prepared, waiting for the final piece that will power it.

Sarux placed the core within the great construct, which he dubbed Infernus, but shortly after a familiar, and dark voice taunted everyone present, until finally revealing itself as Aedraghast. The dreadlord laughed, easily re-purposing the abyssal with his dark magics, incapacitating Sarux as he tried to stop him. The dreadlord fled, leaving the group to fight for survival against Infernus. Without Sarux's aid, they were almost crushed by the hardy creation of the Deathforge, but as it attempted to stomp down its enemies, it fell through the grates, unable to pursue its enemies. Even so, it was ready to incinerate them all, alas, the valuable core, its heart, was shattered into pieces. Sarux came to, and was appalled by the outcome, even furious with the failure. Maraga and her servant, Lethria, came down shortly after, informing their lords that the fel orcs attacked the Deathforge as well as Infernus was destroyed. Sarux did not wish to hear of such a failure, and ordered them all to remove themselves from his sight.

Returning to the Legion Hold, Relcozzis was also angered by the outcome upon hearing of it, but said that this assault would be their last. The observer, Hob'rakkas, agreed to interrogate the Shadewalker Clan fel orcs within the area to learn of where their enemies domain is, if they knew. Apophis came as well, agreeing to follow the group in their hunt for the nathrezim.

The Nazarii Village Edit

It wouldn't take long for Hob'rakkas to locate the Nazarii fel orc village, after which Relcozzis sent his scouts to explore the region further for possible points to strike from. The chieftain of the Shadewalker Clan, Rukrog, suggested another approach: his agents would bring the demonic task force to the Nazarii, seemingly imprisoned as a prize for their dreadlord master, and then strike when they least expect it. Relcozzis agreed, saying that he shall be near the village with his forces, if need be to strike. And so, they set out to the village.

They were allowed passage in as the enemy was very much pleased. Soon enough, they were brought before Chieftain Goltus and a new face, a satyr with dark tattoos and dreaded claw-like weapons. Goltus was suspicious, as well as the satyr, lord Talachor. They saw through the charade and executed the infiltrator fel orcs, seeking to do the same to all the others, save for Kralthius and Xotares. The crowd laughed at the prisoners, but one of them did not, something catching his attention at a mountainous top beyond the village walls; it was Sarux. The eredar knelt, yelling out a chant in Eredun as everyone seemed confused. Talachor, however, was aware of this ritual and told Goltus to flee, before disappearing into the darkness himself. Goltus was not willing to do so, until he gazed up into the sky, seeing great meteors flying down upon him and his forces. Before the impact, he fled into the great hut with a number of his minions, while the rest fought the infernals and the Legion forces. The battle was eventually won, another victory for Sargeras' servants.

Sarux met up with his minions, the Shadewalker chieftain and the High Warlock, commending them, albeit angered by Rukrog and Tulthar's inability to be here sooner. Rukrog apologized, explaining that they were ambushed on their travel to the village, but still managed to come, despite many casualties. Sarux shrugged off the loss of fel orc cannon fodder, also not too concerned that Goltus and his lackeys disappeared without a trace, and left everyone to prepare, saying that a great battle will take place shortly.


The Amreggar Council

The original idea of creating a council that would police Amreggar Valley for the greater Legion lords was not entirely given up on but rather changed, with the new concept of it consisting out of the most deadliest demons under Gorgathor’s, Zelakk’s, Nosfetaron’s and Aedraghast’s influence, although not the demon masters themselves. This thought was known amongst more powerful ranks, unlike its purpose. It was intended to be created before Gorgathor’s leave, though the Krosh’dar War postponed its creation.

After the War of Amreggar, the council would finally be formed by Xend'maras, with a purpose that was not known before, even enveloping other sub-faction into its fold.

The Hark'agur Edit

The Hark’agur were one of the five attack forces on Krosh’dar and they were led by Gorgathor himself. It consisted out of great numbers that were provided for the pit lord, and have been bolstered with his own elite soldiers from Amreggar. During the first month of the Krosh’dar War, the Hark’agur established a base and managed to successfully defend it from incoming attackers. Further victories over the faceless and their masters have been acquired later on with Gorgathor’s leadership, with many more to come. The Hark’agur carefully planned their attacks from Ozhlarr Fortress on Krosh’dar, which was stationed in the western part of the planet. Word of their progress in battle continued to spread through the Amreggar ranks as they anxiously awaited the end of the war, which would come months after the forming of the Amreggar Council, the Burning Legion victorius. Xend'maras was pleased that Gorgathor returned to Amreggar, who created a new organization within the council with the same name as the attacker force, serving as his elite soldiers.

The Netherblade Edit

The Netherblade was the name of an assassination squad originating from Amreggar Valley on Xoroth, lead by the dreaded nathrezim Myotisthar. Consisting mainly out of assassins, scouts, and other units specialized in subtlety and infiltration, they never disappointed Thamruz. They operated from the shadows mostly at the time of a war, where they would continue to eliminate their commander's enemies to ensure victories. It's safe to say that they were not only bound to Amreggar, but rather wherever their masters went. Months after Myotisthar death the Netherblade were beginning to crumble into pieces without a leader, a position that no-one gained, as utter chaos revealed that every demon of the Netherblade was nothing without a voice of command. Echoes that are the demon assassins were present even after the organization dispersed, though not many recognized them as the veterans they trully are. Even so, the organization was eventually reformed as part of the Amreggar Council.