Such a story was found to be a fictional piece written by an amateur historian wanting to essentially rewrite history according to his liking. Some similarities have been made to the ancient Volforn and Eorlning tribes, though this is merely speculation. As of this writing, the man was hanged for his transgression. However, the remains of his book survive here, with this disclaimer, merely for entertainment.

The Cliffhawk Tribe was a legendary Arathi tribe of ancient humanoid warriors who fought for both land and pride. Residents of what is now known as the Arathi Highlands, these individuals could possibly be a primary reason for there being a very limited amount of trees within the area in the present time. Regardless of them being the ancestors of empires considered to desecrate culture and nature, the Cliffhawk tribe felt much compassion for their environment. Much like the tauren, these people held sacred rituals in order to honor a higher power that they often thanked for their food and health. In fact, rumors abound hint that these people may have even met the tauren before Kalimdor had split apart, but true tracking of time has not been able to tell if these humans had even existed so far in the past. Nonetheless, the Cliffhawks remained as an honorable people who lived out in a very modest style, aiding animals and helping the growth of nature until they disappeared.

Little sign of the tribe has been found, but some written language and painted signets have been found among the now hostile land. With these recent findings, Arathi Highlands has become a target for archaeologists looking not only to find some good profit among the way, but possibly a new connection to the creators of Azeroth itself.

The only known leader of the tribe was found to be called Chief Joaquin Hawkwing, who is said to have been painted as a demigod in their ranks. He was very large compared to the rest of his brethren, but beloved as a gentle giant who cared for his people immensely. However, when challenged, he was a vicious force of reckoning. His lieutenant, Jahn Redeye, had seemed to be a proper heir to be leader, but secretly he sought to overthrow his predecessor. One day, at the behest of his loyal marksmen, Jahn succeeded in a coup against Joaquin and drowned the gigantic redman in a lake. Shortly after this was done, the tribe vanished. Being so close to their rural environment and having existed such a long time ago, engineering is scarce, if it existed whatsoever. Therefore, their resources consisted of mostly lumber and animal hides.

The rest of the pages had been ripped out during the uproar upon the revelation that this book was mere fiction.