The original band of the Happy Trails Company.

The Happy Trails Company was a group of explorers and treasure hunters, with the occasional cutthroat or "outcast". They operate all across Azeroth; from the snowy peaks of Winterspring to the jungles of Stranglethorn. They are led by Garret, the head-expeditioner and coordinator of the group's many voyages.

History of the Happy TrailsEdit

The group was founded and created by Garret and Durnam the Wildheart, both eager to achieve their goals; wealth. As a Dwarf, Durnam had an affinity for shiny things, while Garret had the heart for adventure and excitement. The two were a perfect match, and they soon earned the attention of others throughout their many quests and misadventures. They drew upon individuals hungry for change and riches, but at the same time lured the shadowy type and unusual. The Happy Trails Company was born, bolstering a handful of brave and energetic heroes that continue to risk everything they have, including their lives, for the unknown and hidden. The band of adventurers continue to seek out those eager for excitement and travel from city to city, recruiting anyone and anything.

Recruitment PolicyEdit

The Happy Trails Company clearly advertises an Alliance-only race policy, showing a deep distaste for anything bestial or unorthodox. Though mostly made up of races from the Alliance, the Happy Trails have been accused of having a few controversial members that the local authorities would not approve of. Rumor has it a gnoll sage has been traveling with the group, as well as a two-headed Ogre and a possible Goblin. Though they've denied any such thing to be true, eye-witnesses have reported seeing such creatures hiding underneath the wagon's tarp, though it is uncertain how the Ogre could fit in such a small compartment. Nevertheless, the group is sure to protect both its identity and reputation by refuting such accusations, while at the same time are striving to implement better techniques for hiding their "controversial" members.