The Nightbane PackEdit

A worgen faction that controls the majority of Duskwood. They pose a major threat to the lives of all non-worgen in the Duskwood region, forcing many humans to band together against the threat for a chance of survival. The worgen are rarely seen, yet they are known to be prowling in the woods. The citizens of Darkshire assume it is the work of the Nightbane's recent new alpha, "Ripfang".

The Pack generally hunts in the gloomy forest for prey, may it be beast or humanoid. They often hunt in packs of five to secure food for the rest of the pack. The Duskwood forests often have inedible game, and the worgen are notorious for feasting on Darkshire's inhabitants and unknowing adventurers.


They have become more disciplined with their recent change in leadership, and clearly they fear their new alpha. The alpha is rarely seen or heard of as it would seem he often is in hiding. The alpha himself is a druid, although his specialization is unknown as barely any have seen him fight for the means of survival and not fun. The alpha also likes to take prisoner and "enslave" those of other humanoid races, often in this case the slaves are elven females. For what purpose they serve is unknown.