John D. Walker and Captain Walker D. Plank

[Phase 21368]

Oi, matey!  Ye've come upon the grand and sometimes peculiar band of pirates known as the Redcoats!  Avast ye swabbies and take a pint while we be tellin' ye of a great deal!  We be run by Capn' Walker D. Plank, who leads us with tremendous skill in lootin', pillagin', an' drinkin' 'til ye can't be feelin' feelings no more!  Be ye ready to take up the eyepatch, cutlass, and peg leg in the quest for adventure and treasure abound?  Only ye can decide.  O'course, it be quite difficult to reject such prestigious offer with a blade run up yer gullet, aye?


We here at the Redcoats don't often discriminate.  Often we used to say that if ye be havin' a tail or be too short to dress up in our dungarees, ye can't be joinin'!  We personally measured up the ears in case ye be of the elfie type.  Har har!  But now, laddies, yer in luck.  We be acceptin' all races of that formerly followed the Alliance flag.  All Hordies, includin' the prissy red elf type, be prohibited and KoS!


What can me say?  We be a group of pirates who sail the seas!  We fight the monsters!  We fight the enemies!  Aye lad, join us for adventure!  Whisper John D. Walker or Captain Walker D. Plank for more information or invite.

The Redcoats


John Walker, Captain Walker, and Roddy Fisher

The Redcoats currently own a mighty vessel that sails around the seas, searching for treasure.  The deck swabbers and cannon-washers alike are run by the peculiar regime of Captain Walker D. Plank, as well as his right hand and brother, John D. Walker.  Former right hand, Roddy Fisher, is currently under watch by the captain.  The barmaid, Delilah, serves up some nice brew within the ship's quarters! 

If ye be wishin' to join the crew, ye best be ready to grab a mop and bucket to swab the deck.  Ye'll have to prove yeself to be a valuable member of our band in order to get a promotion!