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Thord's First Transformation

(NOTE: This is Up To When I first created this character from another server...)

Early DaysEdit

Thord's Mother was a Lordaeronian and His Father was Gilnean.. He was born in Andorhal where he first learned how to use a bow.. He was a good shot, but he normally thought about going on an adventure and visit Gilneas.

Glory Days of Treasure HuntingEdit

Thord fulfilled his dream of being an Adventurer and the first place he wanted to loot was Blackrock Spire.. And so he went in but to his dismay he got chased by 10 orcs and to his avail he got saved by a bunch of dwarves. One of the dwarves thought him the ways of the rogue, which helped him alot during his treasure hunting days. And at chance he managed to enter Uldum once the second Sundering happened (4.0.6). While he was travelling with his Gyrocopter a member of the Northgate Regiment shot it since she thought it was one of those undead...

First Encounter With the Regiment and JoiningEdit

Thord first met Sergaent Major Gideon when his gyrocopter crashed in coincidence as they are patrolling the area.

Thord slowly rose up the ranks until he became Major, where Gideon died. After a while a few of the remaining members of the Northgate Regiment, including Thord recreated it, he and his very best friend Gordon were the leaders. They took up shelter in Stormhaven where Gordon grew up. The remnants managed to recruit a bunch of people, but most of them are MIA (Missing in Action) or KIA (Killed in Action) as of the time being.

Hiding and Present ExploitsEdit

Thord Eagleeye pleaded Gordon to help him get his broken gyrocopter near Duskhaven and so Gordon accepted. After they fixed it Thord Eagleeye asked Gordon to tell all the members of the remnants that he is dead. His reason for his self exile and self hiding are unknown. But the last thing he told Gordon was that if the remnants die out. Do not recreate it as it will create more havoc.

His present exploits as of now is looking for a new thing to do as he gave up treasure hunting, he was last seen in Duskwood hunting worgens.