Jack "The Blade" Nixon of the WWG.

The Westfall Wrangler Gang was a group of thugs, thieves, and bandits that seeked to renew the pride of Westfall and feed the less fortunate. They operated primarily in Westfall as a small faction, eventually detected and halted by the Stormwind Army.


The WWG's main group consisted of quite a few eccentric personalities:

Others included:

  • Brandon Payne (Human Assassin)
  • Toregan (Draenei Sharpshooter)

Attempted UprisingEdit

An uprising within Sentinel Hill, originally rallied by Johnny Nixon, had caught the attention of Gryan Stoutmantle. A near-invasion of the town by an army of transients had forced Stoutmantle to beef up his forces as best he could at the gates. Meanwhile, terrible gnolls continued to attack through the openings in the wall. Such a distraction seemed to prove useful for the group of bandits in their mission to rid humankind of its greedier side.

Unfortunately, the uprising was quickly quashed by the Stormwind Guard and Westfall militia remnants, who were able to incarcerate the members of the gang who tried to get a rebellion going. Jack Nixon was slain by a defender after attempting to physically retaliate against the persecution. The remaining members quietly fled the region and disbanded the group, unable to continue their mission with such a terrible defeat.


Toregan, Johnny Nixon, and Brandon Payne (left to right)