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William Guntherson standing by the Lion's Pride Inn.

William Guntherson is the son of Gunther and Rosealine, and now a veteran soldier that is currently in charge of the Stormwind Garrison. He has fought in various battles for the Alliance, and for his hard work and devotion he has been offered to lead the newest military establishment in Northshire Valley.

A man of modest origins, his father being an innkeeper in Darkshire and his mother a tailor. He had always looked up to his father, who worked hard every day, and those times weren't easy ones either. He had much to suffer from war, yet he always admired the work the guards do, even if at times he despised the incompetent ones he was grateful to having someone to protect them from being harmed. He found such acts very noble, even if the guards weren't soldiers from the front line of a battle, he would look at them with the same eyes as he'd look with at a soldier. After his father had deceased, he enlisted himself in the army and trained hard as a footman. With many years of experience he has reached where he is now, on the road of accomplishing his aim.

During the war he had developed great friendships with various characters coming from many different places. Unfortunately, to these days none of them survived.

In spite of all that has happened to him, William is a kind-hearted open man, willing to help anyone that requires it. Although he is kind, do not mistake him with indulgent or silly, he is very strict when it comes to his duty and he is a wise one when coming to take such decisions. Should you ever meet him do not let appearances fool you either, he is stronger than he appears to be. Although not having the resistance he once possesed during his youth, he is still an excellent fighter and can even now put up a good fight.